Driveline50 block paving

Adjoining driveway's in lowry rd

All driveway's are completed to a high specification , only using quality material's and

marshall's block pavior's.

All driveway's are excavated to a minimum 0f 300mm with a minimum of 200mm of type 1 hardcore to be used as the sub base.


The driveway was excavated to 300mm and a soakaway was dug out in preparation to connect up the aco drainage.The soakaway was filled with 4"+ hardcore and the voids were filled with pea gravel it was then covered in dpm and 6" of concrete to seal.Then the drive was hardcored and compacted.The aco drainage was concreted in and connected to the soakaway and a new inset block paving manhole cover was fitted.

The tegula block kerb's were then fitted down both sides and charcoal pavior's were concreted around all sides in soldier course.

The main drive  was then laid using burnt ochre for a stunning drive with enough space for 3 car's.