Double driveways on Lowry Rd , Eaton Ford
 These two Driveways were completed in march 2012. They are both edged in charcoal

driveline 50 with burnt ochre in the centre , to separate the boundary's between the

houses we used a tegula kerb block which also helps with the difference in garden level's as the houses are on a slight hill.

The driveway's slope toward's the house so a soakaway was excavated and aco drainage was fitted to capture the rainwater,new inset manhole cover's was also fitted to blend in with the driveway. 

  Here is another Driveline50 in Eaton socon with a step under the porch.Press more for more photo's

Tegula natural block paving at orchard close ,Eaton Ford
 Here is another example of our block paving .The driveway was edged with a tegula kerb down both sides  and the framed all around with a 160 x 160 tegula block then it was infilled with all three sizes of the tegula block , click on more for other photo's of this drive.

This driveway is also a tegula patterned block but with a riven finish and is called drivesett natrale which is reminiscent of newly quaried yorkstone.

The colour of this block is bronze.